The Newfoundland Club 'Breeders For Life' scheme is intended for breeders who maintain the highest standards in breeding and therefore has qualifying requirements.


We welcome applications from UK breeders who meet the criteria show below. An application form can be downloaded from the link below and once completed sent to the address shown on the form.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme or your eligibility, please email or call Kirsteen on 07974 369987.

You MUST have held membership of at least one of the UK Newfoundland Breed Clubs for a minimum of one year to be eligible to apply for this scheme.


There will be no cost to members of The Newfoundland Club. Breeders who are not members of the Newfoundland Club, but qualify by virtue of other Club membership, pay a one-off fee of £10.


The Newfoundland Clubs health mandatory testing requirements of both dogs and bitches used for breeding are as follows;

  • Hip scoring undertaken by the KC/BVA or other recognized scoring scheme abroad
  • Elbow scoring undertaken by the KC/BVA or other recognized scoring scheme abroad
  • Heart testing by Echo Doppler carried out by a qualified Veterinary Cardiologist who appears in the list on the Cardiovascular Society web site. Dogs who are echo dopplered abroad must have the testing undertaken by an equivalent specialist practitioner holding the appropriate qualifications.
  • Cystinuria testing by DNA (reliance on Cystinuria status of sire and dam is not sufficient)
  • The EBV (Estimated Breeding Value) of the litter falls within the recommended range

Breeders must be able to evidence that the outcome of any health screening/tests were 'known' at the time of mating.

DNA profiling of breeding stock is encouraged but not compulsory.

Note: Breeders who are members of the scheme are to provide copies of all health documents to the scheme administrator for all litters produced. For overseas dogs (typically the sires) the breeder must provide all test results from country of testing.

The Breeders For Life schemes also has other rules which are to protect the health and welfare of bitches used for breeding. They are as follows;

  • A bitch cannot produce a litter before she is 2 (two) years of age
  • A bitch cannot be mated naturally or artificially inseminated (AI) prior to her 2nd birthday
  • A bitch cannot produce her first litter after the age of 5 (five) years
  • A bitch can only produce one litter a year
  • A bitch cannot produce a litter after 7 (seven) years of age
  • A bitch must be in good health and of sound temperament prior to mating
  • A bitch can only produce a maximum of 3 (three) litters in her lifetime or a maximum of 30 (thirty) puppies
  • A bitch is not to undergo more than 2 (two) caesareans in her breeding life


Breeders for Life members must be aware of The Kennel Club's 'Fit For Function' Breed Watch initiative and recogise that Newfoundlands are currently classified as Category 2 for – Conformational defects of the lower and upper eyelids.

Members are required to breed responsibly in regards to coat colour and not purposely produce puppies of a non-recognised colour. The three recognized colours are BLACK, BROWN and WHITE & BLACK (Landseer). Other colours may result in added health issues.

Members must ensure that the typical Newfoundland temperament remains paramount in the breeding programme.

Members abide by the Newfoundland Clubs Breeders Charter

Members abide by The Kennel Clubs Code of Ethics

Members breed no more than 4 (four) litters in a 12 month period.

NOTE: Where there is more than one breeder/affix holder in the same household they are both members of the scheme. This also applies to any dog owned/held in partnership.


There is an expectation that the breeder will have fully checked out the home of any prospective puppy purchaser to ensure as reasonably as possible that the home can provide proper care to a giant breed dog and not to presume that a home that already has a Newfoundland can readily cope with an additional animal.

Puppies bred by members must be reared in a safe and clean environment and be well socialized.

Members puppies will be micro chipped in accordance to the law.

Member must provide a 'Puppy Pack', which as a minimum will include;

  • The Kennel Club registration document with relevant endorsements R (Progeny not eligible for registration) and X (Not eligable for export) if available at the time of sale. If this is not possible then a letter explaining the reason behind the delay and when the matter will be rectified should be included. The letter must include a note that the Kennel Club endorsements R and X will be added.
  • A written Contract of Sale
  • A written agreement that the breeder will be responsible and willing to take back any puppy/dog they have bred regardless of timeline.
  • An accurate pedigree showing a minimum 3 (three) generations
  • Copies of both parents health testing results
  • Information as to the worming regime the puppy has received and when it will next need worming
  • A minimum of 4 (four) weeks free insurance
  • A copy of the Estimated Breeding Values
  • A feeding guide along with a minimum of a 1 (one) weeks supply of food on which the puppy has been reared
  • An exercise and training guide
  • Grooming information
  • Vaccination record or information on vaccinations if these have not already been given
  • A Membership Application form for The Newfoundland Club
  • A copy of the Breeders For Life 'New Puppy Owner' feedback form.

The breeder will make contact with the new owner within the first few days of the puppy leaving the breeders premises to ensure all is well and to answer any questions, which may have arisen.


  • Will need to comply with all health testing and only be mated to bitches that comply with the health testing.
  • Ensure the owner of the bitch fits within the rules for breeding and the owner of the bitch is acting in such a way that is not in direct contradiction to this scheme.
  • If sending frozen/chilled semen abroad the countries rules and guidelines are adhered to. The member cannot be held responsible for the misuse of the semen or whether it is used on further bitches in the future without their knowledge.
  • Breeders for Life scheme members should only use frozen semen if the said dog has undergone all the relevant health checks at the time of collection. However, breeders on the scheme are permitted to use frozen semen from deceased dogs even if the said dog does not meet the scheme's current health test requirements or the Newfoundland Club Breeders Charter, providing they met the criteria for testing that was in place at the time.


It is vitally important and it is understood that any breeder applying to this scheme adheres strictly to the specified criteria. Any Breeder for Life member who is found to be negligent in compliance with the requirements of the scheme will be removed forthwith along with any kennel and/or litter advertisements.


Members of the Breeders For Life scheme benefit by reputation and the opportunities to advertise here.

Publishing Contact Information

A separate individual page is created on this web site to include the breeders name(s), KC Affix and their contact details. Contact details can include the breeders address (or just the area) and optionally their landline number, mobile number, email address, Facebook profile link and brief (up to approximately 200 words) biography.

Advertising puppies

Members of the scheme will be able to advertise a current litter for a period of 8 weeks. If the member requires an extension to this period they must apply to the schemes administrator. An extension period of 2 weeks can be granted after which time the advertisement will be removed.

The advertisement of a litter must include the puppies date of birth along with the dam and sire’s registered names.

Advertising Stud Dogs

Members can advertise the services of their stud dogs providing all health tests are in place with a photograph of the stud.


Puppy purchasers are invited to provide feedback to the scheme administrators which builds confidence in the breeders and in the scheme.